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At^lohsa Native Family Healing Services Inc.

109-343 Richmond Street
London, Ontario N6A 3C2
Tel: 519-438-0068
Fax: 519-438-0070

Corporate Office

RR#2 No.2
Southwold, Ontario
N0L 2G0

24 Hour Crisis Line

(Toll Free) 1-800-605-7477



Interested individuals are requested to put their inquiries to writing or telephone (519) 438-0068 to set up an apointment with the Community Resource Coordinator and the Executive Director(Or Board Member when the Executive Director is unavailable).

Staff members, Board members, Volunteers and Student Placements must complete the following documentation prior to any consideration. This does not mean that you are guaranteed any of the above. The whole process is taken into consideration.

1) Criminal Reference Checks: Forms are available here at At^lohsa to be filled out. A photocopy of two pieces of identification will be taken at the time if completing the form. The Canadian Police Information Channel (CPIC) is a procedure of putting your given name through the O.P.P. records. The results of the CPIC are known only to the Executive director. Any violence of any kind the applicant will not be considered at all.

2) Fingerprints: Applicants are requested to go to the COMMISSIONAIRES at 457 Richmond Street, or call 438-0068 to set up an apointment. There is a fee for this, payable by the applicant. The office is open 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. You will be subjected to show your identification for verification by the Commissionaires and putting ink on your hands and and then rolling them on paper. When completed the fingerprints form is to be sent out in the mail by the applicant. The responsibility to to complete this process falls on the applicant who wishes to work with At^lohsa. The results of the fingerprinting will be mailed back to the applicant and it is their responsibility to let At^lohsa know the results.

3) Interview: An interview will take place that will last approximately 1.5 - 2 hours. Usually three representatives of At^lohsa make up the interviewing panel. At the time of the interview please provide At^lohsa with an updated resume and at least three job related references.

4) Recommendations: Results of the CPIC, fingerprints, reference checks and the interview will be disscussed in detail to recommend whether At^lohsa will accept this applicant or not. A letter or telephone call will be placed to inform the applicant either way.

5) Meeting the Executive Director: Upon successful placement applicants then meet with the Executive Director to complete the necessary documentation. (for example: confidentiality forms, requirements for job placements & a job description)

6) Welcome Aboard!: More documentation to be given out and a tour of the facilities.

Volunteer Jobs Available

Job title Duties Interest

Clerical Support Assist the Secretary/Receptionist with filling, photocopying.

Telephone Duty Answering telephones and recording messages to appropriate staff members; answering the security door; greeting people

Resource Library To document and log in all resource materials in library; document and log in all file cabinet resources

Newspapers Cut out articles out of the newspaper and log in proper file

Researcher From the articles in the newspaper find out statistical information on specifics for male/female abusers.

Researcher From the telephone log; document the incoming calls to each section for each month

Resources Zhaawanong Shelter - to log and document all videos, books and materials.

Circle Helper When counsellors are running a group counselling session; assist in the counsellors in room setup; photocopy materials; refreshments, etc.

Legal Advocate Women need support when going through the court process - to go with the individual to court

Child Care Provider Women need someone to take care of their children when attending group counselling or need a "break" for a movie, or when they have an important meeting

Special Events Assist the coordinator in setup of events; could be clerical, dropping off posters, etc...

Crisis Line Zhaawanong Shelter - to answer crisis calls

Custodial To assist with cleaning of the agency office; vacuuming sweeping, scrubbing; etc...

Outdoor Work To cut grass, move furniture etc...

Miscellaneous Watering plants, cleaning out the supply room, washing dishes etc..

Telephone Directory Update all telephone - contacts in Rolodex and type on the cards

Van Driver Drive to workshops; shows; theatre; grocery shopping, errands, etc...

Fundraising Work with the Fundraising Committee

Proprosal Writing To assist with Proposal Committee in accessing funds for various projects


Application for Membership

Application For Board of Directors

Volonteer Application

Volunteers Board, Staff & Student Placement